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filmography - samples

„Um Himmels Willen“ - Aus die Maus
2017 - TV-serial, ARD
episodic role:Neighbour Mathilde
director:Dennis Satin
Casting Director:Franziska Aigner Casting

„Der erste Seelensprung“
2017 - Kurzfilm
part:landlady Martha Kirchner
director:Marina Schwez
production:HFF, Ludo Produktion

2015 - short film
title role:cleaning woman Maria
director:Judith Taureck
production:HFF Munich

„scenes between mother & son“
2013 - short film
director:David Clay Diaz
production:HFF Munich

2012 - short film
part:Mrs. von Stauffen
director:David Benedek
production:HFF Munich
DoP:Lorenz Weißfuß

„Untitled – Katharina and Christian“
2012 - short film
title role:Katharina
director:Eva-Marel Jura

„Curriculum Vitae“
2011 - short film
lead:Mrs. Scheruebel
director:Marina Schwez
production:HFF Munich

„Klingenberg - a mad crime story“
2010 - short film
director:Maximilian Buck
production:Film Academy Baden Wurttemberg

„Mr. Jurinov and Klara“
2010 - short film
part:Mrs. Schmitt
director:Ersin Cilesiz
production:HFF Munich

„Little Rosalie“
2010 - short film
director:Mirjam Orthen

„Two rooms, balcony“
2009 - short film
part:daughter of Mrs. Zeller
director:Enno Reese
production:Voila Film – Trier & von Poser filmproduction GbR

„Changing positions“
2007 - motion picture
director:Maggie Peren
production:Clausen+Woebke+Putz filmproduction

„Hofmann and sons“
2005 - short film
part:intensive care nurse
director:Jens C. Boerner
production:HFF Munich

1999 - 2004 Baby-break

„Fair, Sure, Relaxed“
1997 - TV-magazine, BR
director:Hannes Meier

„Raped–The truth and other lies“
1996 - TV-feature
part:Mrs. Pearce
director:Martin Enlen
production:Telefilm Saar GmbH

onstage - samples

„Maria Stuart“
1998 - theatre
lead:Maria Stuart
director:Systemisches Theater
production:Pasinger Fabrik

„Die Geiselnahme“
1994 - theatre
director:Henry Klinder
production:Nordharz cities&towns

„The jungle book“
1994 - theatre
part:King Lui
director:Marcus Everding
production:Nordharz cities&towns

„Rabbit rabbit“
1994 - theatre
director:Klaus-Udo Klix
production:Nordharz cities&towns

1993 - theatre
part:Mrs. Pearce
director:Klaus-Udo Klix
production:Nordharz cities&towns

„Midsummer night´s dream“
1993 - theatre
part:1st Elv
director:Prof. Fritz Bennewitz
production:Nordharz cities&towns

1992 - theatre, Munich
director:Beles Adam
production:Studio theatre Munich

„If you had spoken, Desdemona“
1992 - theatre, Munich
director:Beles Adam
production:Studio theatre Munich

acting age 43 - 53
year of birth 1967
place of birth Munich
residence Munich
height 172 cm
color of eyes blue
color of hair dark
figure womanly
size 40-42
size of shoes 39/ 40
nationality german
first language german
foreign languages english basics
dialects Bavarian
driving license car
sports downhill skiing, fencing, mountain biking, riding, rowing, swimming, dancing (modern, step)
possible residences Berlin, Bozen, Florenz, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna etc.
specifics singing (Chanson, classical), dancing (modern, tap), classic. piano
vocal color mezzo-soprano
membership BFFS
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professional education

2017 Chubbuck Course by Irina Chubbuck herself, Akademie Theatre Munich
2004 - today weekly camera-acting, Lene Beyer, Munich
2004 - 2007 voice and role design, Frau von Seherr-Thass, Theatre Akademy Munich
2004 camera-acting, Sabine Schroth and Hannes Jaenicke, „Mallorca Film Academy“
1990 - 1993 training at the Drama Studio Gmelin/Munich
1992 Workshop (3 weeks) with John Costopolous
1986 - 1990 Study of Egyptology, Biology and Ancient History, „Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität Munich“